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Hologram film
Zhejiang Zhongjia Technology Co.,ltd.Holographic films are ideal in packaging industry for flexible packaging,offset print.holographic film are commonly used for printing, gift-wraps, packaging, lamination, stickers etc. The richness of the film contributes to the sales that can be achieved by packaging of consumer items. In the recent past, holography has also developed into a major deterrent for duplication and counterfeiting of products such as credit cards, drivers licenses, pharmaceutical products, computer software etc.

The complexity of the holographic pattern makes it nearly impossible to be reproduced, by adding additional, nearly invisible authentication markings known only to our clients. Holographic product labelling with customised images, involves technologies that are out of reach of most counterfeit rings.

These films are available in geometrical and custom made pattern in pvc film., Polyester(pet film), BOPP film from 10 to 50 microns thickness up to 1200mm width.

Material available

BOPP ------------ "Biaxial Oriented PolyPropylene"

PET ------------ "PolyEthylene Terephthalate"

PVC ------------ "Polyvinyl chloride"


A. PET hologram film, 16 micron, 23 micron thickness,silver and transparent.

B. OPP hologram film,20 micron thickness,silver and transparent.

C. PVC holographic film,50 micron thickness.silver metalized.
D.transparent OPP, PET hologram film,PVC holographic film


Applications :


*2D Two Dimensional holographic film
*3D Three Dimensional 
holographic film
*2D/3D Two/ Three Dimensional 
holographic film
*3D Dot matrix generated images 

Product Range

The products manufactured by us have multifarious usage as flexible packaging materials, decorative packaging materials, candy wraps, holograms, glitter powder, labels, air condition ducts, insulation etc. Our range encompasses the following products with excellent quality and finish:

Security: Generic and custom made Hologram labels, Sleeves, Hot stamping foils, Wide web films, 
Decorative: 3d/diffractive labels and self adhesive holographic/Metalised films / holographic tapes etc. 
Polyester and BOPP Films Transparent, opaque, tinted/ Twist Wrap grades 
Special coated Films: Metallic yarn/Glitter/Sequins etc. 
Laminates: Board/Paper/films/Hot Stamping foils/al foil 
Printed: Metallic/Holographic Gift Wrap Films/ Laminations/ . Decoration Films / Wrappers pouches / bags/flexible laminates 
PVC FILMS and self adhesive: Twist grade/shrink wrap sleeves/rigid/vacuum forming grades for chocolate boxes 

Our security holograms having fascinating visual effect enables the manufacturers and suppliers to eliminate cheap imitation of the products. Highly secure security holograms are designed to protect products and documents from becoming counterfeited, to ensure security.